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Public Water

One of our primary charges is to provide high quality water and sewer for our residents. The City of Spencer excels in this area. The Spencer Waterworks is one of the best run, most consistent water service in West Virginia. Our water supply, Charles Fork Lake, is virgin water. It does not flow past NPDES pollution discharges or chemical storage tanks unlike many water sources in West Virginia and other places. There are no factories, mines, stormwater runoff, or any other areas of concern for our water supply. After the above ground storage tank spill in Charleston in 2014, businesses and hundreds of thousands of people began to realize that consistent access to clean water is imperitive to their livelihood and you cannot take water for granted. We are ready to boast that Spencer is a perfect place for you to live and work based on sustainable access to clean water and more. Even if the legislature fails to protect clean water, Spencer will continue to offer some of the state's best water right to your tap. That's another reason why the City of Spencer is West Virginia's Best Hometown. 

Waterworks Plant on Chestnut Street


To sign up for service or ask a question about your service or bill, contact the Waterworks Department at 304-927-2300. One of our highly qualified staff will assist you with all your service needs. 


Inquiries for school or scouting tours of the Water Plant should contact us at least two weeks in advance. We are happy to show our youth and future leaders how water travels from Charles Fork Lake to your tap. 

If you experience an after hours water emergency please call 304-927-2392

Extensive testing is performed to ensure your water is of exceptional quality and compliant with all drinking water standards

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