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Since 1858, Spencer has been the economic and social hub for central West Virginia.

In March of 1856, the general assembly of Virginia passed an act to create Roane County and the first Circuit Court was held in the town of New California that October. Earlier names for the town prior to New California were Tanner's Cross Roads and Cassville. It became New California when a man named Raleigh Butcher left the settlement of Reedy for a better life in the Golden State and when he got to Tanner's Cross Roads, decided that this was a better place to make his fortune. We believe that the same is true today. 


In 1858 a charter was sent to the general assembly of Virginia to incorporate New California and a request to change that name to Spencer, in honor of Judge Spencer Roane of whom the county had already been named. Over the next 150+ years Spencer has served the Central West Virginia region as an economic railroad hub, legal repose, and cultural center. While businesses and industry have fluctuated over the decades, the city remains as a beautiful pastoral setting and center of health, commerce, culture and activity for the region. 

Paul Thompson
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Mayor and City Council

The City of Spencer is governed by a "Strong Mayor" type of government which consists of an executive branch, a mayor elected by voters, and a unicameral council as the legislative branch.


Mayor - Terry A. Williams

City Council - Toby Ford, David Holland (Recorder), Steve Hughes, Daniel D'Agostino, Robin Stump

City Attorney - Thomas Whittier

Ordinances for the City of Spencer
For a complete copy of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Spencer, Click the button below. 

The Spencer State Hospital served the state of West Virginia for more than a century and was an impressive 1/4 mile long gothic building housing hundreds of patients and a large staff. Once proclaimed the longest brick building in the USA is today the site of Spencer Walmart and numerous commercial businesses.

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