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What We Do

Have you ever stopped to consider what your government in the City of Spencer does for you? We work tirelessly to promote a better community to play in, work in, and live in. Our goal is to improve the business climate, promote the city as West Virginia's Best Hometown, provide water and sewage, ensure public safety, create healthy neighborhoods, maintain public parks, and even to host events that develop identity and culture. 


The City of Spencer is the economic hub of central West Virginia. When Spencer succeeds, Roane County succeeds. 

Mayor's Office

The Office of the Mayor manages the direction of the public properties, staff, safety, economic viability of the town and special functions. The City Clerk maintains comprehensive city financial records, taxes and income, expenses and keeps the budget in balance. The Director of Planning & Development seeks grant funding, manages projects and events, markets the city and events, coordinates goals of the Mayor with local businesses and stakeholders, and coordinates planning objectives. 

Public Works Department

The Spencer Public Works Department is the most impressive team in Roane County. Their expertise involves keeping water running, streets in good condition, removing snow, wiring up Christmas lights, reparing broken underground lines, clearing acres of unsightly brush, tearing down burned out and unsafe structures. They make the most of every tool and every available penny to build a better Spencer. 

Police Department

The City of Spencer Police Department protects our families from crime and ensures public safety. Staffed 24 hours a day, the Spencer Police are ready to investigate any concerns or complaints that you might have. 


Further, they truly take pride in serving the community. Spencer Police are often called upon to aid shut-ins, honor veterans, engage in charitable events or other community service projects. We coordinate the local community Shop With A Cop each Christmas for underprivileged children. The Spencer Police Department prides itself in being one of the most service oriented law enforcement agencies in the region.  

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