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Spencer Police Department

We take great pride in our City Police in Spencer. First, because our police do it the right way. Our police have a reputation as community-minded citizens and are your neighbors. Unlike larger law enforcement agencies, Spencer Police Officers enjoy the luxury of getting to know all 2,248 residents that they serve. Getting to know the people and being a part of the community also heightens the sense of responsibility to protect the people from crime. 


The Spencer City Police are equipped with the latest in technology, work as a close-knit team, have fun in serving their neighbors and are ready to help. Being an officer in the City of Spencer is a great honor and one of the best law enforcement jobs in the country. 


We continually collect resumes from prospective applicants to the Spencer City Police and choose the best of the best when positions are available. Contact us for more information. 


Spencer City Officers annually coordinate the Shop With A Cop program to purchase toys and clothing for deserving children.

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Contact Us

Email the Spencer Police Department if you have any question, concern or see anything suspicious or call us at 304-927-5616. If it is an emergency, contact 911 immediately.

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