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2019 Facade Improvement Loan

So, what is a façade?




the face of a building, especially the principal front that looks onto a street or open space.


 Our Goal

This is a loan made available through the City of Spencer and the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Council with the intended use of improving the façade of businesses in our downtown, retail district.  We want to aid in facilitating microloans with low interest rates for our business owners to complete those façade improvements they may be putting off due to financial reasons or lack of time.


We want our business façades to match the welcoming face of our business owners so that when folks are here, they feel like they have had a great, small town experience. The 21st Century business picture is now relying on the dollars of the Millennial Generation more than ever and it is a known fact that Millennials spend their money on experiences more than anything.  We want everyone who visits and lives in Spencer to feel like they are taking part in a grand experience!


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